Top Results for Clondalkin’s Team

The Best of the Best Championships is Ireland's longest running open championships that started  35 years ago. It took a break in 2019 and this year it made a return in the large open plan Gormanstown Sport Centre in Co Meath.

The event attracted clubs from all over Ireland as well as some from the UK. All Clubs were from different federations and affiliations coming together to compete under the same rules.

Competition started at 11.30am and ran throughout the entire day finishing at the very late hour of 8.30pm with unforeseen circumstances meaning some categories had to be cancelled.

Clondalkin's team finished the long day with top results and brilliant performances with a medal tally of 3 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze medals.

13 year old Louise Shortt finished top of the leaderboard for the Clondalkin team with first place in the under 14 PF advanced, bronze in the Grand Champion 13-15 year olds and bronze in the LC under 14 category. 

"Louise is one of the most dedicated 13 year olds we have in the Club and the results speak for themselves", says head coach Ilija Salerno

14 year old Donny Caren only started competing mid summer and is continuing his top debut performances by clinching gold in the boys U16 novice PF division.

7 year old Jamie Hawkins is also on a medal streak with a well deserved bronze in the boys intermediate U8 PF division.

Brothers Robert and Arthur Dryja are improving every tournament with podium finishes at every event. 9 year old Robert took silver in the boys U10 PF division and older sibling 11 year old Arthur finished in the top spot with gold in the boys U13 PF division.

13 year old Cillian Reid in only his second competitive outing reached the podium with a deserved bronze medal in the boys novice u15 PF division

Rachel Bhandal was runner up in the Ladies PF -70kg division and Robert Barrett was stopped from progressing to the finals by finishing third in the Men's -80kg PF category.

Unfortunate not to medal this time round were Emilia Douglas, Oisin Clancy, Sean Hawkins, Gustas Gricious and Johnathan John. 

Kym Fitzgerald was our top coach on the day looking after all the team from start to finish.

Ninth Lock Road, The Waterside, Clondalkin,
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