The annual NE OPEN proved once again to be one of the longest and busiest days of the competitive year with the event kicking off at 10am and finishing well after 6pm as it attracted large participation from kickboxing clubs from all over Ireland.

Clondalkin's BMA squad consisted of 11 fighters, with all but one taking a spot on the podium.

12 year old Roan Derwin was the only gold medal for the Clondalkin outfit in the boys advanced u13 PF category.

Older sibling, 16 year Cayden was in top form taking a well deserved bronze medal in the u18 kick light category as well as making an impressive debut in the ring in a kick light demonstration bout.

Louise Shortt, still on a high returning from the WAKO European Championships in Turkey reached the finals of the girls u13 PF division only to lose by two points to a Hybrid Martial Arts opponent.

Team Ireland team mate Sean Hawkins was equally as energetic reaching the finals of the u18 PF category but got stopped with an eye poke and unfortunately couldn't finish the bout due to an eye injury.

Sean's younger brother, 7 year old Jamie Hawkins kept the runner position intact by making his way to the finals of the boys u8 PF and with it a well deserved silver medal.

Donny Caren in only his second outing on the fighting circuit is making a strong challenge for his first gold as he finished in second place in the novice LC u16 division.

Robert Dryija was another runner up in the boys advanced u12 division. Older brother Arthur was unlucky not to make the top three in the boys u13 PF category.

Robert Ninja Barrett was the only senior competitor for Clondalkin and had to step up a weight division as his own category had no opponents. Nonetheless our Clondalkin club coach was still as impressive taking a well deserved third spot in the Men's u75kg PF division. 

9 year old Oisin Clancy and 13 year old Michal Siry were the final silver medals for the  Clondalkin team with what was a brilliant performance for all competitors.

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